Needles, Drugs, Liars, and Thieves

Final_frontEverybody wants to be healthy. But in today’s medical and economic climate, that is easier said than done. Look around and you will see that we are growing sicker, fatter, and unhappier. Less than 20 years ago, children were the epitome of good health. Not anymore. Toddlers are on antidepressants, adolescents have high blood pressure and suffer from morbid obesity, and 10-year-old girls are getting breast cancer. What is going on? Naturopathic physician L. A. Lemmons maintains that misinformation campaigns are at the heart of America’s health crisis: Is vegetarianism better than meat-eating? Are cancers only cured through surgery, radiation, and chemotherapies? Is exercising the only way to truly lose weight? Do vaccines cause autism? Which camp is right? Whose camp is wrong? Because there is so much conflicting medical information, it is difficult to know what to do and what not to do; and as a result, people make ill-informed decisions—decisions that sometimes backfire.

Needles, Drugs, Liars, and Thieves sifts through the marketing hype, junk science, and flat-out propaganda. What is left is the information worth its weight in gold, as it allows readers to make confident, well-informed lifestyle choices—the ones that lead to strong bodies and empowered lives.